4 Tips to Keep Your Back Safe During Golfing

By Rachel Long, PT, DPT

As summer approaches, there are more opportunities to work on your golf game.  Don’t forget to protect your back!  Here we share some helpful hints so you can continue playing safely and pain free.

Lifting your bag out of the trunk

Avoid reaching into the trunk and lifting your bag while your back is in a bent over position (this can set you up for injury!).  Stagger your legs so one foot is slightly in front of the other and have your feet shoulder width apart with slightly bent knees.  Slide the bag close to you.  Face your clubs directly forward (to avoid any twisting) and then lift the clubs keeping them close to your body. 

Tying your shoes

Sitting is a more stable position.  Whether you are sitting or standing, place your foot on a support (such as your bag placed sideways, or on a bench) to limit the amount of bending that you have to perform. 

Carrying your bag

Carry your bag close to your body (not out to the side).  Alternate carrying your clubs on your right and left side to balance the stress on your back and shoulders. 

Picking up your golf ball

Get close to the ball and place your feet in a slightly staggered position.  When picking up the ball, bend from your waist and hips (not from the back) while bending your knees. 

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