Energy Conservation Tips for People with Pulmonary Diagnoses

If you learn to do your daily tasks more efficiently, you will be able to do more with less shortness of breath. When you go about your everyday routine, remember to Plan, Prioritize, Position and Pace Yourself!

Write down plans for the day or week. Figure out when you have the most energy and do most of your work at that time (morning, afternoon, evening). Plan rest breaks after meals, and throughout the day. Alternate between doing light activities and heavier activities.  
Use energy wisely, by doing what matters most to you first. Ask “Do I need to do this?”. If yes, then go for it… if not, then let it go! Decide what tasks can be done less often (dusting, vacuuming, etc.). Ask for help to do tasks that are harder for you
Use work surfaces at a comfortable height. Sit down to do activities when you can. Keep items you use in handy, easy to get places. Carry items close to your body, between your shoulder and waist level. Avoid twisting, bending and reaching when lifting or carrying heavy items. Put items back in place after using to avoid having to search for them later on
Work at a steady, relaxed pace… It’s not a race! Break larger tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks. Combine activities if you can (mix, bake, serve and refrigerate in the same container!). If you need to carry a lot of things, use a rolling cart. Use slow and smooth movements to be able to work longer

Remember to breathe!

Don’t rush, slow down and pace yourself! Rushing causes your body to use more energy and oxygen. Remember to use your pursed lip breathing while performing daily tasks. When you are doing something strenuous, BREATHE OUT with your effort. Don’t hold your breath while you are lifting or carrying items, like groceries or laundry. Remember to breathe through it! Contact Lifeline Therapy today if you are having difficulty breathing during every day tasks.

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