Managing Low Back Pain

Back pain is commonly experienced and yet medical management is often confusing and complex.  Research has NEVER demonstrated a link between imaging and symptoms.  Physical therapists are trained to restore and improve patients’ mobility, reduce pain, improve function, and build muscle strength. They not only develop custom programs to treat acute and persistent or recurrent low back pain, but also educate patients how to prevent future issues. 

Exercise, manual therapy, and education are the best treatments for low back pain.  Treatments should be individualized based on patient’s symptoms, prior activity level, and current function. Aquatic exercise, aerobic exercise and strength training are recommended for patients with chronic back pain. Back and abdominal specific exercises are recommended for patients with acute back pain. Manual therapy involves soft tissue techniques or joint mobilizations to relieve pain and stiffness and to improve flexibility and joint mobility.

At Lifeline Therapy, we educate our patients about relevant things including causes of low back pain, anatomy of the spine, the science behind pain, and exercise rationale to make treatment more meaningful and patient centered. 

Physical therapists are movement and exercise experts.  We are here to promote movement and prescribe exercises that will enable you to do the activities you love.

Reach out to Lifeline Therapy today for your low back pain evaluation and a tailored treatment plan. We are also offering telehealth evaluations and visits!     


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