Staying Active During COVID-19 With Exercise As Medicine

By Dr. Chris Brehm, PT, DPT

Some experts have indicated that we are facing two pandemics: COVID-19, and physical inactivity due to stay at home orders and quarantines.  With more adults spending more time at home, recent evidence suggests that physical activity levels have decreased by approximately 30% and sitting time has increased by approximately 30%.1 This is a concern as physical inactivity and sedentary behavior are risk factors for cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, bone and joint disease, and depression.2 Just a few weeks of inactivity can also decrease your overall fitness and increase your aches and pains. 

Physical activity is an effective way to promote good health and bolster immune function. For substantial health benefits adults should engage in 150-300 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity each week and limit the time spent sitting.3 This can be accomplished through formal and informal activities but physical activity of any type can improve health and well-being.

Physical therapy is considered an essential service and should continue to be provided.  Physical Therapy mitigates the risk for reduced health outcomes.  Physical therapists prescribe personalized exercise plans to help you meet your goals, and make modifications to optimize your current exercise program.  Physical Therapy addresses pain that is keeping you from participating in your daily activities. Contact us today to see the difference that Lifeline can make in your life.

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