What is the Best Way to Get on and off the Floor?

By Rachel Long, PT, DPT

Whether you want to play with your grandkids, clean your floors the old fashioned way, or have found yourself on the floor after a fall, here are a few simple steps that make getting down there or back up a lot easier.

To transition down to the floor:

  • Widen your stance with one foot forward and one foot back
    • This is a perfect opportunity to practice a backward lunge

  • Lower your back knee to the floor so you are in a ½ kneel position (you may use your hand to hold to a chair or couch for added stability)

  • Bring your other knee down to the ground and go onto all fours

  • Lower your hips to the floor

Getting up from the floor:

  • Lean your upper body forward and up to come up on a diagonal onto your elbow then push up to your hand

  • Go onto all fours

  • Come up into a tall kneel position

  • Bring one leg forward into a ½ kneel position

  • Place one hand on knee and one hand on chair and shift your weight forward to push up using both legs

  • Step forward and stand tall


It is important to note that there are many modifications that can be made to this sequence.  One of our physical therapists at Lifeline Therapy can help you determine the best way to safely transition from one position to another.

When you are able to get on and off the floor, it is important to KEEP PRACTICING.  It is also important to perform balance, strength, and flexibility exercises to functionally train the muscles needed to perform this task.  This will build and maintain leg strength so you never find yourself in an unsafe situation.

Physical therapists are movement experts and can help guide you in performing a safe floor transfer.  Call Lifeline Therapy today to schedule your appointment.

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