A full range of life-changing therapy

At Lifeline, we offer a full range of services and a single-minded focus. You. Whether you come to us for physical therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation, or cardiac therapy, our first step is to become an expert on your health and your life. After all, the more we understand your strengths and limitations, goals, hobbies and passions, the better able we are to create an individualized treatment plan that works for you. It’s an ongoing process based on a trusted relationship. Together we listen, learn, and work to enhance your abilities, and improve your health and quality of life.

The Lifeline therapists are professional; they know their job. I believed what they told me which was that I could get through this and get better. And they were right.

- MARTHA Lifeline Patient

I want to thank everyone at Lifeline for a wonderful and productive 5 months of therapy. I highly recommend this facility...you are more than just a rehabilitation center. One finds a personal touch from the moment you enter.

- RICK Lifeline Patient

Therapy was a memorable experience. Knowing the staff was so helpful and concerned for my recovery was comforting.

- SHARON Lifeline Patient

Every day you come to the same group of people, and they’re supportive. You feel like you have just a bunch of new friends. It’s a very friendly, positive place to be.

- ALAN Lifeline Patient

I was very limited in my physical activity. I had a trip planned and I did not feel physically able to [go]. Pulmonary rehab helped me immensely. I am able to continue to be active and do the things I want.

- MARY Lifeline Patient