Lifeline can help you recover from COVID 19

By: Chris Brehm, PT, DPT

If you are recovering from COVID-19 (whether or not you had a hospital/ICU stay), our multidisciplinary pulmonary rehabilitation program can help you.

We still do not yet know the full impact that COVID-19 will have on survivors, including those who have recovered from asymptomatic COVID-19.   We do know that abnormal lung function (with resultant shortness of breath) is one of the most common impairments found in patients who have had COVID-19 related hospital stays.  Other common problems associated with COVID-19 and PICS (post intensive care syndrome) include muscle weakness, pain, limited walking ability and limitations performing daily activities.

Early rehabilitation of patients recovering from COVID-19 can enhance pulmonary/respiratory function, reduce complications and cognitive impairments, and improve overall quality of life. Pulmonary rehabilitation can address the above noted common residual symptoms.

Understanding + Confidence = Independence.  This is our program focus.  Independence is gained when you develop a greater understanding of your symptoms and how to manage them, combined with building confidence in your ability to perform higher levels of activity.  Our multidisciplinary staff focuses on improving lung and respiratory capacity, as well as improving your overall strength and endurance.

Our team members recently completed an approved course series on rehabilitation management of post-acute COVID-19 patients.  We are putting forth every effort to provide you with the most appropriate care. Our therapists can see you safely in the clinic, via telehealth, or in your home

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