Post COVID-19 Recovery with Physical Therapy and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

By Dr. Chris Brehm, PT, DPT

In previous blogs we talked about how COVID-19 primarily effects the lungs, but “long-hauler” patients can also suffer muscle and joint pain for weeks or months after onset of symptoms.  The longer a patient remains in the hospital or ICU, the more likely they are to experience additional symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle weakness, dizziness.  Some estimate lung function can decline by up to 20-30% after recovery.  Some patients return home from the hospital with supplemental oxygen to help breathing.  A recent white paper by the World Health Organization (WHO) reinforces that rehabilitation should be heavily integrated into national COVID-19 emergency health planning.  The white paper states rehabilitation should occur at the earliest opportunity and through engagement with rehabilitation experts. and/or professional associations and national rehabilitation institutions.

The good news is, Lifeline is uniquely positioned to provide that specialized care for individuals recovering from COVID-19. For over 20 years, Lifeline has been the leading provider of physical therapy and pulmonary rehab in the region.  As the need shifts to caring for those recovering from COVID-19, Lifeline has you covered.

At Lifeline, we understand the saga of being short of breath, weak, and unable to perform your daily activities.  That’s why we have added a post COVID-19 rehabilitation program to our physical therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation program.   Our expert therapists will complete your initial assessment.  The assessment includes identification of your baseline functional capacity or tolerance to exertion, a musculoskeletal examination, breathing assessment, vital sign and oxygen assessment and identification of goals. A multidisciplinary treatment plan is established that may include breathing retraining, education on self-management, cardiovascular aerobic activity, strengthening, posture restoration, functional activity reintegration, balance and gait training, oxygen titration, and counseling.  A skillfully prescribed exercise program is implemented with monitoring. We gradually progress exercise to minimize your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Our one-stop-shop provides the ideal environment to care for your needs and maximize your progress toward recovery.   

Lifeline has been here and will continue to be here during and after the pandemic. We work towards improving your understanding and confidence to increase your independence. Call us today at 412-646-4141 to schedule your appointment.


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