Pursed Lip Breathing

This breathing exercise helps you breathe out, or exhale, better. When you have COPD, the air gets trapped in your lungs. This breathing technique is great for exercise and when you are active; just remember to exhale on exertion!

Pursed lip breathing is also a great relaxation technique. It works by assisting to relax the smooth muscles in your airways, thereby making it easier to breathe.

You can practice pursed lip breathing while watching television, sitting in a recliner, or lying in bed. Once your body “gets it”, you will begin to breathe this way naturally.

  1. ) Inhale slowly through your nose to the count of 2. Sometimes we say, “smell the roses.”

2. ) Blow out through puckered lips, like you would if you would be “blowing out the candles.” Make sure you exhale for a count of at least 4.

This is one of the many education pieces our pulmonary rehab specialists at Lifeline focus on. Contact us to learn more about our pulmonary rehab program near Pittsburgh and “breathe deeply to breathe better!”